Month: October 2012

Forget "binders full of women" and let’s get back to the question of pay equity…



Visit to learn more and get involved.  It’s time we all get paid the same.  Thank you Katherine Fenton for asking this question at the presidential debate.  And stay strong through the sexist attacks brought upon you by misogynists who fear 50% of the population.

The Trolls that Young Girls Face


“The war on 12-year-old girls” is a great article written by Mary Elizabeth Williams over at

The piece is about how “deeply engrained” misogyny is in our society, and the volume that is hurled at young girls entering adolescence.  My favorite quote from the article goes as follows:

“I wish I could write off the likes of Michael Brutsch as one isolated, disturbed individual. And he’s exceptional; a king among trolls, to be sure. But he exists because there is a strong and vocal community of little creeps who are simultaneously aroused and hateful and scared to death of everything that a young girl represents. Who look at her and feel so bad about their own pathetic selves they want nothing more than to tear her down and make her feel ever worse about herself. My dear daughter, I am so sorry these morons are out there, and that you and your friends are in their cross hairs. That they don’t see you as a person but a threat.”

Pass along the story to remind others the damage misogyny does to the younger members of society.