Month: September 2012

Joe Biden on the Violence Against Women Act


I love when a strong feminist man vocalizes his feelings.  Joe Biden’s support of the Violence Against Women Act warms my heart.

“On the 18-year anniversary of the passage of the Violence against Women Act, Joe Biden urges a its reauthorization: “While women and girls face these devastating realities every day, reauthorization of a strengthened VAWA languishes in Congress…VAWA is just as important today as it was when it first became law, and I urge Congress to keep the promise we made to our daughters and our granddaughters on that day—that we would work together to keep them safe.”


Documentary to Watch: “Girl Model”


Girl Model: The filmmakers David Redmon and Ashley Sabin examine the lives of teenage girls in Siberia who audition at open casting calls for fashion models.”


As an activist working to combat commercial sexual exploitation and misogyny, I have always had conflicted feelings about the modeling industry.  The NY-Times piece about this film intrigued me.  The following quote from the film really drew me in and I am looking forward to watching “Girl Model:”


“I have been traveling and documenting in Russia and Ukraine the journey of these young girls that become prostitutes and fashion models, or the foggy lines that exist between both.”

                                                          —–Ashley Arbaugh, “Scouted”

Something to Remember After a Bad Workday


Artwork by Chris Stain. For more information please click here.


As hard as times have gotten or will get, no organization can run without its workers.  It’s easy to undervalue ourselves when times are hard.  It’s easy to say we do not have the right to expect more, because “at least we have a job.”  I was recently reminded this after a long stint out of the workforce while I was overcoming health issues.  When I finally was well enough to work again, I put up with unnecessary mistreatment by employers because I was just happy to be able to work again.  But once I regained my confidence, I realized that just as my employer expected a lot from me, I had the same right to expect more from them.  This poster made me smile because of its sentiment.  The employer-employee relationship is a two-way street.  Both have to give to get.  But sometimes we find ourselves working so hard, yet receiving so little.  I share this with all those dealing with difficult work situations.  Just a reminder to value yourself and the work that you do for others.  A paycheck is never worth giving up your self-respect.