The Gorgeous Watkins Glen State Park, NY


Glen Watkins Park (27)

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If you are looking to visit a breathtaking natural wonder, then Watkins Glen State Park, NY is a must see.  The most famous park in the Finger Lakes region, it is said to leave visitors “spellbound.”  And I can attest that it’s true!

In a last-minute attempt to make the most of the long weekend, I searched online for good places to hike in northeastern U.S.  I came upon a helpful review about Watkins Glen.  I went on to find pictures and was thrilled to see such a beautiful place so close to Philadelphia (approx. 4.5 hrs).  My “on the whim” kind of trip turned out to be one of the best experiences ever.

The park consisted of two major trails; the “Gorge Trail” and the “Indian Trail.”  The former led you to up close views of the gorge, while the latter was a path through the forested area.  Each section was truly unique.  I felt like I couldn’t stop taking pictures!  I needed something to hold as a memory of the inspiration surrounding me.

The park is a moving reminder of the power of nature.  To think of the the thousands of years of erosion that led to the beautiful rock formations gives me chills.  It shows us that nature is the greatest artist of all time.  And though the park was crowded and noisy with tourists, I was able to find peaceful moments to truly get lost in the splendor…a great test of my meditation practice:)

If you’ve been to the park, please share your comments below.  I would love to hear about your experience.  I’ll leave you with some trip planning details:


Address: Route 14, Watkins Glen, NY 14891

Phone: (607) 535-4511



Tips: Bring cash for the entrance fee, and dress for hiking.  The gorge area is wet and muddy so wear proper shoes!  The area does get crowded with tourists, so try to go during off-peak times.

The Movement to Transition to a Better Future


No matter what opinion you follow, in our collective “heart of hearts” we know the world needs to change.  The disparity of human rights shows us that the system in place is not working.  But finding the solution to our many broken structures can be daunting.  It’s become clear that we haven’t found the one solution to “solve it all.”  This has led to small pockets of individuals banding together to change different pieces of the puzzle.  People around the world are taking matters into their own hands and creating a better system for a better world.

One of the many unique movements that has been growing, is the “Transition Movement.”  The goal of the movement is to take action in one’s own community to bring about change.  The following quote from the site says it all:

“These communities have started up projects in areas of food, transport, energy, education, housing, waste, arts etc. as small-scale local responses to the global challenges of climate change, economic hardship and shrinking supplies of cheap energy. Together, these small-scale responses make up something much bigger, and help show the way forward for governments, business and the rest of us.”

Transition communities are specifically focusing on the following social issues: oil dependence, climate change, and economic downturn.  These issues effect everyone’s daily lives from their food sources to their energy supply.  And as the movement grows they will hopefully spark a world-wide revolution to take matters into our own hands as citizens of earth. 

To learn more watch the documentary, “Transition 1.0” on Vimeo for free.  Also visit and read the “What is a Transition Initiative?” section.

Documentary: Transition 1.0

“An Evening for Freedom:” Dawn’s Place Gala March, 16 2013


Dawn’s Place combats Commercial Sexual Exploitation (CSE) to improve the lives of women who have been trafficked, prostituted or pimped.  Dawn’s Place is hosting the First Annual Gala and Silent Auction this March 16, 2013.  Proceeds from this benefit will help provide services to women directly effected by CSE.


One of my role models and founder of GEMS, Rachel Lloyd, will be the Keynote Speaker at the event.  Senator Daylin Leach will also be speaking and receiving an award for his Anti-Human Trafficking work.

Come join us for an amazing night of information, dinner, dancing, fundraising, and more!  Your support will help Dawn’s Place provide vital services to the Philadelphia and International community, as well as raise awareness about Commercial Sexual Exploitation.

Looking for other ways to help?  We are still seeking donations for the Silent Auction.  Please call Dawn’s Place if you would like to learn more.  Thank you to all those who have given donations!


Event Details:

Date: Saturday, March 16, 2013

Time: 6:30 – 10 pm

Location: The Baldwin School, 701 Montgomery Ave. Bryn Mawr, PA 19010

Ticket Cost: Gold Ticket: $100, Platinum Ticket: $200

To RSVP: Click Here

NYC to Provide Sex Trafficking Awareness Training to Taxi Drivers


Day by day, Commercial Sexual Exploitation (CSE) is being addressed in our society.  There are many links in the chain that allow these crimes to happen.  We must target each link to weaken the chain of CSE.  Recently, NYC started a new policy requiring all licensed TLC drivers (taxi and livery drivers) to complete a “Sex Trafficking Awareness Training.”  This training was a result of the New York City Local Law 36 of 2012, which aims to penalize drivers involved in profiting from commercial sexual exploitation.  The following slides from the video explains the need for the training further.  I recommend watching the entire video, which is a great resource for anyone working to combat exploitation.

New Picture (4)

New Picture (1)

New Picture (2)

Local Philadelphia organizations, such as Dawn’s Place, are working to circulate this information to our taxi and livery drivers as well.  If you are affiliated with any driver services organizations or NGO’s combating commercial sexual exploitation, please pass this video along.  Help spread the word and raise awareness.

You can download and watch the video by visiting the NYC TLC Site. You can also read more about this story on the CNN Freedom Project website.

Happy Diwali!


Another Diwali season passes and I am left in a state of deep reflection.  During puja, I feel close to the spiritual force that connects the universe.  I hope my fellow Hindus have a great celebration…and to those of other beliefs have a wonderful day too!  Here is a quote from explaining the meaning of this special holiday:


The time of Diwali is one of the most festive and beautiful times of the year. Diwali literally means a "Row of Lights." It is a time filled with light and love; a time when Indians all over the world rejoice. Diwali is celebrated on the thirteenth/fourteenth day in the dark half of Kartik (October – November); it is also known as Krishna Chaturdashi. It is the darkest night of the darkest period, yet it is a celebration of light! Diwali is heralded as the triumph of good over evil.”


Om Jai Jagdish Hare!



Forget "binders full of women" and let’s get back to the question of pay equity…



Visit to learn more and get involved.  It’s time we all get paid the same.  Thank you Katherine Fenton for asking this question at the presidential debate.  And stay strong through the sexist attacks brought upon you by misogynists who fear 50% of the population.

The Trolls that Young Girls Face


“The war on 12-year-old girls” is a great article written by Mary Elizabeth Williams over at

The piece is about how “deeply engrained” misogyny is in our society, and the volume that is hurled at young girls entering adolescence.  My favorite quote from the article goes as follows:

“I wish I could write off the likes of Michael Brutsch as one isolated, disturbed individual. And he’s exceptional; a king among trolls, to be sure. But he exists because there is a strong and vocal community of little creeps who are simultaneously aroused and hateful and scared to death of everything that a young girl represents. Who look at her and feel so bad about their own pathetic selves they want nothing more than to tear her down and make her feel ever worse about herself. My dear daughter, I am so sorry these morons are out there, and that you and your friends are in their cross hairs. That they don’t see you as a person but a threat.”

Pass along the story to remind others the damage misogyny does to the younger members of society.