Ganou and the Ill Fated Natives Collaborative Performance for International Women’s Day


Check out this amazing performance by Ganou and the Ill Fated Natives.  A huge THANK YOU to Global Women’s Strike for hosting the “Women Against Repression & Occupation: Rock, Rap & Speakout vs Poverty, Prisons & War” to celebrate International Women’s Day.

While videotaping the performance I was mesmerized and got lost in distraction…hence the broken up videos.  Ganou’s passionate and soulful voices captivates the listener; paired with the powerful and moving sound of Ill Fated Natives – they gave me chills.  Its always a special treat when you discover unexpected music.  I came to the event to support the Global Women’s Strike movement and enjoy artistic expression.  I left with a song I can’t stop playing…even if through piecemeal videos.




Can’t wait to see them perform again.  Check out their websites to learn more:


Ill Fated Natives


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