Not All Drugs are Equal…So When Will Weed Be Decriminalized?


Clearly those in the limelight can’t even hide the truth that marijuana should be decriminalized.  In a recent press conference about the Warren County drug bust, DA Ross McKeirnan said:


"This bust nailed petty drug dealers selling dangerous chemicals which wind up being injected into the veins of users," District Attorney Ross McKeirnan said. "We are not talking about blowing around a little pot smoke. This stuff destroys lives. In fact, there would have been four additional arrests today had it not been for four recent drug-related deaths."


My friends and I had a good laugh after watching the following video of McKeirnan telling it like it is.

I wish more people would speak up and admit that marijuana is not dangerous drug and should not be classified with truly harmful substances.  Aside from all the medicinal uses for weed, it is an enjoyable recreational drug like alcohol.  More of us need to “come out of the closet” about our views and get this green legalized!  Go DA McKeirnan for being so honest and helping move the cause forward!



  1. not so sure DA was honest in interview, He is still making a big deal out of “pot” he just wants a convection number really does not care how he gets it.. The bath salts are still very east y to get , just in Warren Co. Really that arrest has done nearly nothing to stop the flow of hard drugs in Warren co..

    1. Thanks for the comment! I agree it was probably just a slip of the tongue, but does show that even DA’s see that weed is misclassified as a hard drug and there are actual harmful substances that we need to be focusing on.

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