Lost in Art…My Reason for Existence


“Starry Night”, Van Gogh

I believe we are all born with an artistic ability.  It is one of the oldest forms of communication, and helps us to release our inner self.  The past few months I have been working to get my life back on track.  I have been sliding off course due to chronic health issues that hit me over a year ago.  Since then life has been a blur, but the one constant has been art.  Whether it was writing a piece for my blog, knitting a shawl, or painting a piece of fabric, art has helped me to make sense of my experiences, release my emotions, and find joy everyday.

I enrolled in a wonderful painting course at Fleisher Art Memorial that has changed my life dramatically.  My amazing teacher and artist, Mr. John Sevcik, uses his warm-hearted and critical eye to bring out the artist in all of us.  My creative side lay dormant for many years, particularly painting.  I almost forgot that I ever did.  But as soon as I picked up my paintbrush in his class, mixed my acrylic paints, and touched the canvas, I was home.  Painting is more than just creating visually interesting artwork.  It is the release of emotions.  It is a therapeutic process that helps to melt the stresses of our days.  I fantasize how Van Gogh felt, and what his brushstrokes said to him…knowing what mine say to me.

Wherever you are, make sure to make art part of your life. Enroll in classes through great organizations such as Fleisher Art Memorial, Mt. Airy Learning Tree, and others in your local area.  Many times classes can be founds at local arts/ crafts stores, such as Dick Blick, AC Moore, Michaels, Jane’s Yarn Shoppe, and more.  Or just ask a friend who is an artist to lend you some supplies so you can get a taste of art right at home.  I recently lent my good friend Dianne some watercolor supplies.  She is an artist as well, but is just starting to practice after a long break.  We had a great discussion of how when our imaginations die, we lose our creativity and our ability to reach for our dreams…let alone dream them.  We agreed that art was so important but many times overlooked.  When is the last time you drew something?  When is the last time you wrote?  Played a piece of music?  Dianne and I both reminisced on the lost time when we ignored our creative spirits.  The next day after we hung out, she texted me how great she felt after painting.  She felt such an emotional release, and was grateful to be back in touch with her artistic soul.  I hope you take that journey to explore your creativity.  Never forget we all have an artist inside, and we all have emotions to convey.  I’ll leave you with that, as I head to my studio to paint.  I hope to be sharing photos of my work soon on my blog, so stay tuned.



  1. Love positive blogs like this!

    Actually, this reminds me a little bit of my experience with music and learning how to play the guitar. I never saw myself as a musical person, but after experimenting more and more with different genres that I liked – metal, trance, techno, (even some genres that I never thought that I would have liked, like rap, some pop, flamenco) I decided that I wanted to be able to express and play the music that I liked. So, I decided to start learning classical (nylon stringed) guitar and I’ve never regretted my decision to learn. Its really a nice way of finding a calm place at the end of the day.

    I think that one of my inspirations for finding a new hobby evolved out of a complicated experience that I had. A few years back, one of my family members was diagnosed with cancer. Even though he was old and in failing health, he still decided to learn how to paint because it was always something that he wanted to know how to do. It really impressed upon me the idea that “its never too late to find something that you love to do”. I suppose thats how I would characterize my connection with the arts. Its a way of connecting with and finding beauty in even the most unlikely places.

    1. Thanks so much for your readership and sharing your experience with art, David. Everyone has their story of how creativity has touched their life, and I hope to hear many more. Your family member’s story is inspiring and a great life lesson as well.

  2. Oohh Preeti…thanks so much for sharing our story. I believe that many people can relate to art and how it can eliminate or even release such daily stressors one may be experiencing. I also believe I have personally overcame tough times in my life by using art such as writing poems, drawing, coloring, and so on. Art had such a great impact on my life and loosing it made me loose me. I agree with you Preeti that everyone is born with some form of artistic ability… Based on your informative website you recommended referring to the oldest forms of communication; people are talented and skilled in so many ways but seem to be distracted by other ways and not even take notice. By the way; I loved the “Flint biface which was discovered in Saint Acheul, France” in the web site you sited—beautiful pieces.

    Moreover, I definitely appreciate you lending me the paints and paper. I was lucky enough to have my lovely partner purchase me my very own paintbrushes and paper so now I am ready to really start exploring myself even more with painting. It has been a pleasure doing it, especially while my son is next me painting his own piece of artwork.

    Preeti, all these years being your friend, you have really helped me explore and find my artistic side; you have been such a powerful influence in my life; for you are a role model to me in so many ways; I admire you and all of your talents especially being such a wholeheartedly friend. Keep up the AMAZING work!!! You are an inspiration to me!!


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