Marijuana Taxation and Regulation Rally Cry

While checking out Philly NORML, I found out about a great pro-legalization rally taking place this Sunday, 10/10/10.  President Obama will be in Philadelphia, which will give us citizens an opportunity to be heard.  Marijuana legalization advocates rally around the world, day in and day out, to be heard by those in power.  And each time people gather in the name of change, the possibilities are limitless.  I urge all those who are free to join this great event.  You can check out this earlier post to learn more about resources to educate yourself on the history of marijuana and legalization.  If you partake in the green, but don’t know the history, it’s time to get online and start researching.  And if you find yourself frustrated by the findings…take a hit, mellow out, and take action as an advocate.  Raise awareness among those you know, start attending Philly NORML meetings, and attend the great events.

For details and updates on the 10/10/10 rally please visit the Philly NORML site.  And remember there is strength in numbers, so gather all those you know to come out and be an advocate for reform!



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    1. Thanks for the feedback! The theme I use is one of the options through It’s called, “Black-LetterHead by Ulysses Ronquillo” and can be found under the themes section of the site.

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