An Emmy Reminder of Improvements in LGBTQ Equality

I hopped onto Feministing for my daily dose, and found this post of Jane Lynch’s Emmy acceptance speech.  She won for “Outstanding Performance as a Supporting Actress in a Comedy”, and definitely deserves it for her amazing acting.  Her acceptance speech was a reminder of her quick wit and comedic strengths.  It was also a reminder that in 2010, a lesbian woman can thank her partner without fear.  It wasn’t too long ago in history that one could not even be open about their sexuality if they were not straight.  But with time individuals revealed the truth about their sexual identity, started the fight for gay rights, and never looked back.  Because of all the little steps those before us have taken, we are able to be more open today.  People still face adversity due to their sexual orientation everyday, but the triumphs do have their ripple effect.  Mainstream media is a litmus test of what is considered acceptable in society.  And it’s heart-warming to know that a celebrity who is gay feels comfortable enough to thank her spouse on national TV.  It gives me hope that people will not judge others based on their sexual orientation and that the LGBTQ community will one day be equal members of society.  Celebrate this positive moment by enjoying the video and having a few laughs.  Go Jane Lynch – you rock!


  1. Thanks for posting your coments and the link Preeti! I didn’t watch the Emmy’s on Sunday … but Jane Lynch’s openess about her lesbianism is really a sign of how far we have come … finally! It sure took a long time since I first joined the gay liberation movement for these types of moments, but I am touched that they have now arrived. Lynch’s honesty was so natural and I appreciate it very much.

  2. Preeti,
    Thanks for sharing. Jane Lynch sure is an amazing, well known actress, she def has my vote. I was not familiar with her sexual preference but like you stated, for her to be open about it and thank her wife on national TV is remarkable! I believe we, as a society, have come a very long way and I believe that it will be even more acceptable in our society as time passes… People need to be more open-minded and less judgemental about others… Again, thanks for sharing.


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